Hilarious: Wanted Candidates – Qualifications sought are…

Wanted Candidate #16: Smart, genial young person willing to take harsh criticism and mental torture with a Smile.

Wanted Candidate #43: Intelligent MBA with multiple skills. Should have the ability to fax, e-mail, staple, Xerox and make a good cup of coffee.

Wanted Candidate #54: Young and friendless man with no life, willing to spend all weekends and holidays at work.

Wanted Candidate #35: Executive Assistant from a rich family who wants to work for experience and not money.

Wanted Candidate #76: An optimist who always looks at the bright side of getting a 5% increment.

Wanted Candidate #24: Mr. Trustworthy, who can always be relied upon to hear other colleagues’ grievances and report them straight to the boss.

Wanted Candidate #19: Professional with excellent communication skills. Should be able to say just the right things to please the management.

Wanted Candidate #32: Eager professional more than ready to take on extra workload including the boss’.

Wanted Candidate #63: Young, English speaking executive with a talent of looking interested when faced with hours and hours of lecture.

Wanted Candidate #22: A problem solver. Who can efficiently clean up the mess his boss might land himself into.

Wanted Candidate #85: Ph.D. with a giving personality when it comes to passing on the credit to the boss.

Wanted Candidate #52: A talented loyalist with a glue-like personality. Who once sits on a chair doesn’t move for years to come.

Courtesy: Naukri.com Calendar 2009