How to Rent a Bus with APSRTC

APSRTC provides busses for pilgrimage, marriages, leisure travel, meetings and excursions for individuals, public and private companies and institutions on rent. The parties can book a bus by paying the amount estimated by the depot manager. The parties need to pay 25% more than the estimated hire charges, which can be refunded within three days after the completion of the hire contract. Passengers can hire from various types of busses such as Super Luxury, Deluxe, Express, Palle Velugu and City bus. These busses can also be hired to cover inter state routes.

The charges of hire are calculated on the basis of distance or hire. The higher amount would be considered. The minimum chargeable distance is 120 K.M.s.

APSRTC provides busses for industries, institutions, public sector undertakings and private factories on regular contract basis. They charge Rs.21 per K.M with minimum chargeable distance of 60 K.M.s per day.

Please check with RTC for latest information.

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