Pens and Stationery Items – An educated person’s productivity tools

Pens are the indispensable friend for any educated person. The writing of a person speaks volumes about him and his personality. The intellectuals take pleasure in their Pens much in the similar way as soldiers take efforts in maintenance of their arms and sportsmen in their sporting gears. Many great ideas and thoughts that changed the course of history have been “penned” down through pens. This simple but wonderful invention of ‘Pen’ has transformed civilization for centuries.

Every craftsman has their tools of trade. Skilled professionals, carpenters, craftsmen give great importance to their tools. In Hindu religion, on the occasion of Dussera, Ayudha Pooja is performed when the tools are worshipped recognizing their importance. People doing skilled work give great importance to this pooja. Pens are also the similar tools for an educated person. However, when an educated person goes to the market to purchase stationery or pens – the merchants do not share the same enthusiasm and care for pens and stationery items. Most of them are focused on a quick sale, stock fast moving items, and just want to make maximum profit.

It is not uncommon to go to several places and come back without finding all the stationery items. It is not uncommon if the trader/shopkeeper treats you like a nuisance customer.

A comfortable pen with smooth ink flow enables the flow of ideas and thinking process. A very bulky pen with rough tip and irregular flow of ink will distract the writer and the writer might loose his concentration. Such pens can also create a lot of inconvenience to students during crucial times like exams.

Having a pen conveys an image of as an intellectual person doing a white collared job. Pen helps in productivity as holding a quality pen stimulates the thinking process and generation of ideas. When we have to take down important notes, information, or when you get sudden idea then a simple pen and a notepad is of great value.

To make your life easy we have identified the major manufacturer websites here. That way you can do your pen search/stationery search online and then you go to the store with the specific information.

The websites of some of the major pen manufacturers are:

Some of the major stationery company websites are:

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