Recommendation: Laptop Bags/Office Bags/Backpacks At Reasonable Prices @ Abids

Walked into a VIP show room. That VIP showroom had only one model for Rs. 5000. I had brought one in the US for $30 i.e Rs 1410 (@ Rs 47 per $) from a national retailer.

When I talked to VIP show room sales person he said that “VIP is branded!”. When I told him that in US the branded one costs $30. He said “VIP is also international brand!”. Then I told him in the US, VIP would be as branded as Bangladesh is a serious test playing nation and walked out.

My colleague suggested me to go to Lenaine estate. So I went to Lenaine Estate in Abids. At the entrance of location there are about 4 shops on the right and one big one on the left. I went into the big shop on the left side. Realized after going in that it has many floors. I walked upto 2 floors to look at the options but they were not good.

Then I asked the guy over there where can I buy a good laptop bag. He said “try at Regal” and pointed towards an area opposite. I had some trouble locating it since there were 5 small shops opposite this one (Though only 20 feet away). This was one of them. Not grand.

I walked into Regal and there were dozens of varieties of laptop bags stacked up to the roof. He first showed me some thing at Rs 500/-. It was OK but not top quality. I asked him to show me something better and he showed me something at 700/-. Then another for 800/-. I nudged him again and he showed something for 950/-.

I was worried he would do a ‘VIP’ and give me something marginally superior but that would come at ridiculous price. That was not to be, the top most quality was 995/- and after discount 845/-.

They offered 2 year warranty. Not sure about the warranty. But the quality of bag was good. The salesmen talked about ‘organizer’ section in the bag with all the small pouches, pen holders etc. Though he looked unremarkable (like any other teenager), he was knowledgeable.

Needless to say, I took the card and the next time someone needs a top quality bag at reasonable price then I would recommend this small shop called ‘Regal’ in Lenaine Estate. From the entrance of this complex, this is the 4th shop on the right. (yes I made a point to count).

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