Are Old Format Escapist Movies Required Today By Middle Class Audiences

In earlier days when there was less means of entertainment, the jobs were non-interesting in harsh environments, and people used to stay in remote villages, at such time movies used to provide best escape from reality. Movies were the best source of entertainment to enjoy during the one day off from daily cumbersome job and life. The movies used to show the people the life, which everyone dreamt of living. The middle class was virtually non-existent in those years, the resources were limited, and there were less alternatives for entertainment. People especially from lower middle class after days of hard work would spend some money on watching movies to escape from reality.

Now when the work environment is conducive, stimulating, pleasant, enthusiastic then is the escape required from realities of life? Now when all facilities like transport, Internet, and television are available and that has put life into much ease, then does one require going to watch escapist movies to get relaxed? The movies even today are banking on showing rich and glamorous lifestyles rather than making movies near to real life and bringing humour out of routine life.

After the entry of Television in India during 80’s, the Doordarshan was the only National channel available in India. Many television serials in that period were aimed at bringing the comedy out of real life situations. Serials like “Yeh Jo Hai Jindagi”, “Wagale ki Duniya” showcased a lighter side of routine life of a middle class family without showing much riches and wealth. Similarly many recent International serials like Sienfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, Friends brought humour out of day-to-day life. These serials proved that it is not necessary to show riches and glamour to entertain people.