Book Stores in Hyderabad – Best Book Centre

Book Store Name – “Best Book Centre”
Area – Abids, Hyderabad

If you want to buy used books at cheaper prices and don’t want to spend hours on streets of Kachiguda, Koti or Abids under the Sun, then you are at the right place. Best Book Centre is a good bookstore for some old publications and rare collection and not mainstream. If you want to buy good books either fiction and non-fiction and OK with the used ones, then this is the place you need to go. This book store may not serve you with a coffee nor it is air conditioned but it will serve your need. You can find classics too.

1 Books Collection size A reasonably good collection
2 Text books Yes, but in small number
3 Non-Text books Has a good collection of non-text books. This store is the place for rare and valuable books. A considerable portion of the collection has used books that are in good condition.
4 Stationary available It’s a strictly book store, no stationary available
5 Languages available Books are available in all the three languages English, Telugu and Hindi. A part from that they have a few books in Russian and other languages.
6 Pricing-Discounts Fixed prize with discount included. You may get more if you buy in bulk.
7 Ambiance
It is calm with enough light and ventilation (no a/c). Mostly clean, but some old books on top shelves inside gathered dust waiting for a buyer (the store is in ‘L’ shape).
8 Sitting Facility There is no proper sitting facility, but you can have one of the two chairs if it is still vacant!
9 Coffee/snacks Not available
10 Music/VCDs No CDs available
11 Parking Only Convenient for TWO wheelers. That too for small number of vehicles. It’s difficult for four wheelers parking.
12 Timings Open seven days a week from 8 am to 10 pm.
13 Other Observations Most books are separated as only fiction and non-fiction. Therefore, if you are searching for a specific category in non-fiction section- you should be patient to find, as those are not well categorized. They also have a good collection of old editions of popular foreign magazines such as Harvard Business Review that are priceless.
14 Address Shop 1, Fire temple complex, Opposite Oasis Plaza, Tilak Road, Abids, Hyderabad.
15 Contact person-number Mr. Md. Hamed Ali at 040- 24761428

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