Get to Know Carpet Area, Plinth Area and Super Built-Up Area

We generally come across these words in brochures, legal documents and other marketing materials related to residential or commercial buildings. It is always good to be aware of what these words stand for, particularly when you are planning to purchase any residential apartment or a commercial complex.

Carpet Area:
The Carpet area is the total usable area within the four walls of a residential apartment or a commercial space. It is the area of the inner measurements of house at the floor level. It can also be referred as the area for which a carpet can be laid. It includes the areas of balconies, cupboards, private terraces and the door or window jambs.

Plinth Area:
The plinth area includes the entire carpet area along with the thickness of the external walls. It is calculated by measuring from wall to wall in a residential or commercial building. It is also called as the ‘built-up’ area.

Super Built-Up Area:
The super built-up area comprises of plinth or built-up area along with the other common areas and unoccupied space. It includes corridors, staircase, lift room, motor room, security room, meeting hall, gymnasium, gardens, swimming pool etc.

How an apartment or commercial building is sold?
Be it a residential apartment or a commercial building, the super built-up area is generally sold to a prospective purchaser. This implies that a purchaser not only purchases the plinth area, but also purchases a proportionate share in all the common areas.