Scarcity of Surface Sanitizers in India

Here, we are discussing about the surface sanitizers, which exclude the floor, toilet, and kitchen cleaners. People in India have a common misconception that cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and kitchens is enough to stop or prevent contagious diseases. Many of them are not aware that contagious diseases will also spread through other sources like tables, chairs, T.V remote controls, handles of the doors, and other furniture.

People in India often touch contaminated surfaces and put their hands on their face, rub their eyes, and sometimes eat without knowing that harmful germs have attacked them.

Indians are more susceptible to the attack of germs and microbes of the contagious diseases, which are widespread. There are many causes for this including lack of awareness, negligence, and lack of suitable products. We have clearly seen the spread of swine flu. Apart from this, many other diseases such as common cold, viral fevers, allergies, and TB are still prevailing.

The negligence of the people and lack of awareness is well supported by scarcity of basic surface disinfectants in the market. Though there are some brands offering disinfectant cleaners, they are not specific to surface cleaners we are talking about. Some of the major brands that offer surface cleaning products in India are:

Brand Product Segment Description
Reckitt Benckiser Lizol 3in1 Surface cleaner Disinfectant
Collin Glass and house hold Cleaner
Easy Off Bang Surface cleaner Cleaner
Henkel India Ltd. Pril Glass and household Anti bacterial
S C Johnson Mr. Muscle Only glass cleaner Cleaner

You can observe that out of these meager brands, only a few are disinfectant or anti-bacterial. Others are only cleaners.

However, there is a different scenario in the countries like USA, where the necessity is far less than compared to India. Some of the major brands that offer surface cleaning products in USA are:

Brand Product Segment Description
S C Johnson Fantastik. Hard Surface cleaner Anti bacterial
Oust Surface cleaner Surface disinfectant & Air sanitizer
Windex Multi surface Anti bacterial
Unilever Domestos Surface cleaner Disinfectant
P&G Mr. Clean Multi purpose cleaner Disinfectant
Reckitt Lysol Household cleaner Disinfectant
AHP Disinfectants and Sanitizers Oxivir® Five 16 concentrate Hard surface cleaner Disinfectant

You can clearly observe that there are many brands and their surface cleaning products in USA are either anti bacterial, or disinfectants.

Using proper surface disinfectants can prevent contagious diseases. Despite the necessity, there is scarcity of these products in India. This is a major healthcare issue, which can lead to serious consequences.