Medical Awareness is Essential Component of Being Educated

People generally get emotional for various minor or major illnesses. People try to put patient in panic about the disease a person is suffering from. People with lower socio education are involved in this. The main reason for poverty in India is health problems. As poor people and middle class people lack medical awareness, they get exploited when they are caught by health problems. A person need to be socially educated in order to have knowledge on different types of diseases and for which diseases a doctor must be consulted.

Health conditions that can be treated at home:
All diseases are not dreadful. Few diseases can be cured at home with few changes in diet and taking rest. Preventive measures and medicine can be prepared at home itself. Some health problems that can be treated at home without going to hospital are Headaches, Poor digestion cause stomachache, Common cold, viral fever, small cuts, injuries etc. People try to contact the doctor even for these minor problems and pay huge amount of fees. These ailments get cured by themselves, but it takes some time. It seems to be ridiculous for an educated person even after knowing these facts tries to consult doctor for minor diseases.

Diseases that need doctor’s prescription:
Some diseases can be treated after the prescription given by the doctor. People should follow the strict instructions given by doctors. If these diseases are not identified at initial stages, then there is possibility that a person can die. Some diseases that can be treated after going to hospital once for prescription are Measles, Small pox, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Malaria, Sinus congestion, Piles, and Disc prolapse.
Diseases that require doctor’s supervision for long time:
Some diseases are caused through hereditary and they trouble the patient forever. There are some diseases, which need to be always supervised periodically by the doctor, and proper medication should be taken for whole life. If the patient discontinues the medication at any point of time, then it may lead to death. Some diseases that take more time to get cured are Diabetes, Hyper tension, Migraine, Allergic asthma, AIDS, cancer, Arthritis of different kinds and paralysis.

Diseases that require Hospitalization immediately:
There are some situations or diseases, which require hospitalization immediately when recognized. If not hospitalized in time, it may lead to death of person. Some diseases for which hospitalization is required are accidents caused due to collision of vehicles, when drowned in water, when met with fire accident, heart attack, Swine flu, dengue fever, and Tuberculosis.

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