Air Pressure in Tyres-Impact on Driving

Though many people know that correct air pressure in tyres has many advantages, many are not aware of all the benefits it provides and how it impacts the driving.

Benefits of Correct Air Pressure
When asked about the benefits of correct air pressure many people say, “it saves fuel”. Apart from saving fuel, it also helps your tyres to wear longer, enhances handling and prevents accidents.

Proper maintenance of air pressure in tyres reduces heat build up in the moving tyres and rolling resistance of the tyres resulting in enhanced tyre performance and mileage. Proper air pressure also stabilizes the structure of the tyre, and enhances the tyres responsiveness, traction and handling improving the performance of the vehicles.

Disadvantages of Less Air Pressure
Less air pressure in tyres results in poor mileage, reduced tyre life, and affects the vehicle handling.

An under inflated tyre becomes flatter than necessary while in contact with the road and looses its shape that results in more friction. Less air pressure builds up more internal heat, increases rolling resistance resulting in reduction of tyres tread life and in fuel economy. Steering accuracy will be affected which may lead to accidents.

Disadvantages of Excess Air Pressure
Excess air pressure in a tyre makes it stiff. The size of its footprint in contact with the road is reduced when it is over inflated. Tyres get damaged more easily while encountering potholes or any other debris on the roads and it also damages the tread wear. Higher air pressure in tyres reduces rolling resistance, which may result in inaccurate steering response.

In order to maintain proper air pressure in tyres, you need to routinely check your tyres. In general, a tire inflated to 35 pounds per square inch (psi) tends to loose 1 psi each month. Therefore, you should check air pressure in tyres at least once in a month.

If you don’t know the correct air pressure for your tyres, check the vehicle owner’s manual. We all know that air expands when it is hot and contracts when it is cold, so it is better to inflate your tyres in morning times.

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