Astoria-Best Biryani Restaurant at RTC X Roads

What’s your program for this weekend? Is it to have authentic Hyderabadi Biryani and watch a Telugu movie? Then head to RTC X Roads, you can find a couple of good Biryani restaurants along with a number of theatres screening Telugu (sometimes Hindi and English) movies.

Astoria and Bawarchi are the two famous Biryani restaurants located at RTC Cross Roads. Astoria restaurant is exactly opposite to Sandhya theatre on the main road towards Vidyanagar.

It has three sections, one at the ground floor for blue collared and for those who eat quickly and move. This section is generally crowded but you will get a table in no time. There is another section at this floor where it offers tea, snacks and beverages. Family section is located at the first floor and it is air-conditioned. It is a great place for families, but you can also go alone or with friends if you don’t like the ‘speed section’ at the ground floor.

It serves both chicken and mutton Biryani along with vegetarian version, curries, kebabs, grilled chicken, dumkha chicken, butter chicken, tandoori roti, naan and many more items. Biryani, be it mutton or chicken, both are immensely popular here. Authentic Hyderabadi desserts like Qubani ka Meeta and Double ka Meeta are also available here. But this is not a great place to try vegetarian items.

The food prepared here is not hot (more red chilly powder) but spicy because of the Garam Masala. It is non-oily. Hyderabadies generally prefer this kind of food, and we are sure they wont be disheartened. You can also order biryani with ‘double masala’ if you like it to be more spicy. If you want to have more meat (mutton) in your biryani, you can insist on ‘double ghosh’ while ordering. Not only Hyderabadies, people from other places can also relish this food.

Apart from the quality, the quantity of the food served is worth mentioning here. One plate Biryani is enough for two people with average eating capacity. If there are many people in your group, you can also order ‘Family’ or ‘Jumbo’ pack. Water provided at this restaurant is good but we recommend you not to take chances and to go with packed drinking water.

There is a parcel section, again at ground floor, which offers you quick takeaways. Though the parcel section is crowded most of the times, it won’t take more than 10 minutes for you to get your item. The quantity of biryani is even more in parcel.

You need not worry about your vehicle while eating, as there is a reasonable parking space available in front of the restaurant. Savor the authentic Hyderabadi biryani and choose any good movie from the nearby cluster of theatres.

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