Book Stores in Hyderabad – Book Selection Centre

Book Store Name – “Book Selection Centre”
Area – Kachiguda, Hyderabad

This two storied store is a good place for fast sellers. The collection is mostly focused on academic books for higher education that has a variety of sections such as medicine, management, law, geography, software etc. Non-academic books collection is small when compared to the other but it has the fast selling editions of famous authors both Indian and foreign. But both fiction and non-fiction categories are not properly segregated from each other. A few translated versions of selected English bestsellers found their place at the entrance of the store.

1 Books Collection size A reasonably good collection
2 Text books Yes, 60% of the store space is allocated to academic books that include text books. The store has a wide range of collection including IT to geography, management to nutrition. The collection is mostly focused on academic for higher education, though you can find non-text based books in some categories in some corners.
3 Non-Text books Has a good collection of non-text books. You can find most of the popular best sellers from both fiction and non-fiction categories here.
4 Stationary available It’s a strictly book store, no stationary available
5 Languages available Books are available in all the three languages English, Telugu and Hindi.
6 Pricing-Discounts Fixed prize with discount included. You may get more if you buy in bulk.
7 Ambiance
It is calm with enough light and ventilation (no a/c). The store has enough space to move between the rows.
8 Sitting Facility You can grab a chair, if you can find one!
9 Coffee/snacks Not available
10 Music/VCDs A small non-movie music collection is available.
11 Parking No parking facility as the store is situated right on the main road. You may find some place for your two-wheeler in the lane opposite.
12 Timings 10 am to 8:30 pm.
13 Other Observations 1. Book Selection centre has gift coupons available in different denominations ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. These can be good gifts for a books lover.
2. The road on which the store is situated is one way, so you can reach this store only while travelling from Maheswari Theatre towards Badi Chowdi.
3. As there is no sitting facility, it is better to leave your belongings on the table at the entrance so that you can spend a little longer time.
4. If you don’t find your desired book, the manager can enquire with the distributor and inform you about the availability.    Overall, you may be an academician, geologist, philosopher or a manager – this store does not disappoint you with collection of prescribed syllabus books and some best selling non-text based books as well.
14 Address 1st Floor, Aryasamaj Mandir, Sultan Bazar Road, Kachiguda
15 Contact number 040 24753218‎, 040 23446844‎ (Fax)

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