Cyberabad Most Unsafe in AP

Though Greater Hyderabad comprised of Hyderabad and Cyberabad is considered as the best city to live, it is no longer safe with increase in crime rate. According to the state Crime Records Bureau, Cyberabad is the most unsafe place in the state topping the list of crimes. However, Hyderabad stood next to it.

From general crime rate to sophisticated cyber crime, Cyberabad is ahead of Hyderabad in many issues. Cyberabad, which is a mixture of ultra-modern urban areas like Madhapur, sub-urban places like Hayathnagar and even villages in Shamirpet is witnessing a huge number of road accident deaths and crimes connected to real-estate deals apart from regular crimes.

Though laws are same in both police commissionerates, application of these laws is always a question, be it either helmet rule or the drive against drunken driving.

According to an article published in Deccan Chronicle, around 153 murders, 1,246 burglaries, and 154 kidnapping cases were reported in Cyberabad till November 2009. Number of snatchings, cheatings and thefts of vehicles increased in the Cyberabad this year. Number of deaths in road accidents involving lorries was also high in Cyberabad. Nearly 190 people in Cyberabad died in accidents involving lorries last year. There is a huge increase in number of cyber crimes under Cyberabad Police Jurisdiction where some of the world’s best-known IT related companies are located.

Where as in Hyderabad, 130 murders, 870 burglaries, and 83 kidnapping cases were reported till November 2009. 72 people killed in accidents involving lorries last year.

To improve the maintenance of law and order in Cyberabad, five new police stations are about to open this year. The Cyberabad police is also about to install the latest `Red Speed Cameras’ to capture the images of motorists violating traffic rules. Two exclusive cyber crime police stations are about to open, one each in Hyderabad and Cyberabad to control the cyber crime in city.

With the initiatives taken by the government to curb the crime rate, we expect crime rate would fall this year, particularly in Cyberabad. We hope the Cyberabad and Hyderabad police share proper intelligence and co-ordinate with each other to reduce the crime in future.