Major Drug Seize in Hyderabad

The Cyberabad police recently arrested a film producer and his associate in connection with a drugs racket being operated from the Hyderabad city. Police seized 20 kilos of Ephedrine, a chemical used in manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances worth several crores of rupees in the drug market. Ephedrine is used as a major component in preparing dangerous drugs like Ecstasy and Ice (a form of the Methamphetamine drug). These drugs are generally used in rave parties (dance parties, often all-night events) across the globe.

Ephedrine is a central nervous system stimulant, generally obtained from the plant Ephedra Equisetina. Now a days, it is also produced by chemical synthesis.

Ephedrine is an intermediary product used as a stimulant in cough syrups. Athletes generally use ephedrine to get short-term energy boosts, exercise longer, enhance athletic performance, and reduce appetite and to feel more alert. However, under this positive propaganda of the effectiveness of ephedrine lie the dangerous and deadly effects, which can destroy the addicts.

Ephedrine abuse poses serious health risks. Adverse effects of ephedrine include dizziness, tremors, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, sweating, fever and causes abnormalities in the nerves controlling the blood circulation. More serious complications and overdoses may result in psychiatric disorders, kidney diseases, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, seizures, comas, and even death in some cases.

Therefore it is very important to be aware of natural risks associated with ephedrine drug addiction. Sports physicians and the athletic unions are required to take drug detection measures to deter addiction and protect young athletes from becoming victims to this killer drug.