Patancheru-Bolaram: Critically polluted Areas in City

A study conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recently has revealed the critically polluted industrial centers in our country. The CPCB along with the state pollution control boards conducted environmental assessment in 88 industrial clusters, including five in AP.

According to the report, Visakhapatnam, Patancheru and Bolaram are among the 43 ‘critically polluted’ industrial clusters in the country. Vijayawada is stated as a ‘severely polluted’ area. Kattedan and Kukatpally industrial areas in our city are also considered as the highly polluted areas.

Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI) assesses the extent of pollution in an area. It is the overall figure of air, water and land pollution levels. In short it is the indicator of pollution level in industrial clusters.

Areas with CEPI levels between 60 and 70 are considered ‘severely polluted’ where as areas with CEPI levels above 70 are considered as ‘critically polluted’.

A CEPI level of 70.82 was recorded at Visakhapatnam. Patancheru and Bolarum areas were published in international pollution reports many times. A CEPI level of 70.07 was recorded in these areas. Vijayawada industrial areas recorded 60.57 CEPI levels. Kathedan had 57.73 and Kukatpally recorded 56.6 CEPI levels.

All the areas mentioned above are polluted and we advice people to be careful whenever they go out in these areas. Take precautions and avoid unnecessary roaming outside.