Amar Chitra Kathas Entertain as well as Inculcate Good Attitudes in Children

People who are successful are generally are associated with informal reading. Reading is an active mental process where you use your brain, think more and become smarter unlike watching TV or listening to radio.

Reading is the fundamental skill builder, provides glimpse into cultures, improves concentration, builds self-esteem, improves memory, discipline, creativity, vocabulary, reasoning skills, wisdom and expertise.

People in India know that reading is a good habit but most of them perceive it as a painful thing. Because right from their childhood they read only subject related books and not for entertainment. Books always remind them exams and tensions. Reading books is like fighting a war or facing floods for them.

So informal reading is very much necessary particularly for children who can learn quickly. Informal reading is entertaining and teaches many new things. Comics and storybooks are always associated with positive things like patriotism, wisdom, awareness, brave men, history etc.

In order to get into that association, children should be encouraged to read books. Amar Chitra Kathas are one of the best books that small kids can read. They are easy to read with the illustrated pictures. The content is interesting to read and encourages critical thinking. They develop early sensitivity towards social and physical environment by exploring many interesting topics like Indian epics, mythology, history, traditions, legends and other stories. These books provide ancient Indian wisdom in a simplified form.

Many NRI’s who come to India, buy a full set of these books for their children. You can also find a footnote by Narayana Murthy, chief mentor of Infosys on these books saying, “Amar Chitra Kathas are a glorious tribute to India’s rich cultural heritage. These books have been an integral part of my children’s early years, as they have been for many other families across India. Comics are a great way of reaching out to children, inculcating reading habits and driving their quest to learn more about our roots.”

These books act as a medium for national integration, by introducing young readers to the rich cultural diversity of the country and achievements of effective leaders along with imparting good reading skills. This kind of right set of soft skills is very important for kids to be successful in future.

These books have more than 400 titles and over 90 million copies have been sold till now. This gives you an idea on how popular they are. These books are arranged in five categories to help you choose your titles such as Epics and Mythology, Indian Classics, Fables and Humour, Bravehearts, and Visionaries. These books are sold in all major and even in small bookstores in India.

In addition, there is a distributor, India Book House Pvt. Ltd. at 3-4-423, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad-29. Tel:040-24750053/63/83. You can also buy online from anywhere in the world from Each single copy is priced at Rs.35. So next time when you go to a birthday party, gift these books instead of chocolates.

The more children read illustrated stories from Amar Chitra Katha, the better the spirit of nationalism is inculcated. Maybe, it should form part of the curriculum. Mr. Kapil Sibal, are you listening?

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