Cyberabad Map

Unlike the other parts of Hyderabad city, this part is unique and does not share any cultural characteristics of other parts of the city. In fact, this is an artificial extension of the main Hyderabad city. If you can compare this map with other sub-parts of Hyderabad map, you can clearly see the difference in the density of constructions and population in this area.

However, it is this characteristic of Cyberabad that made it ideal for establishing the IT hub of Andhra Pradesh here. And today it plays a crucial part in the IT operations of the entire nation.

Historical Significance
The only place that shares history with the main Hyderabad city is the Durgam Cheruvu, which used to serve as local drinking and irrigation water source for the town of Golconda, during the Qutubshahis.

Until the mid nineties, this place was just covered with rocks, forests and of course with small villages like Madhapur, Kondapur, etc. The people of Hyderabad city didn’t had any reason to develop or at least use this place. And then the IT boom in India made Andhra Pradesh government to find a place well suitable for establishing a series of constructions, dedicated to the corporates.

This led to the planning of Hi-tech city. Cyber Towers was the first of the buildings of Hi-tech city, inaugurated in 1998. Followed by other buildings later like Cyber Gateway, Cyber Pearl and several other IT parks, today Hi-tech city has offices of almost all major international IT companies.

Places of interest
All the major IT offices in Hi-tech city are awesome to look at. The classical constructions of Hyderabad old city on one end and the modern constructions of Cyberabad on the other end are perfectly blend together with the cosmopolitan culture of Hyderabad city. If you have time, you can just take an interesting ride around these buildings. These buildings silently resemble the intense corporate competition among the companies residing in.

Shilparamam is almost like a museum of the extincting village culture and a place to shop handlooms and crafts.

Durgam Cheruvu, shares the same fate of Hussain Sagar and is now a tourist spot, good enough to spend 2-3 hours in the week-ends.

Education Institutes
All the schools here are corporate schools known for commercial elements than the studies. Many new schools are getting established here. Except Kendriya Vidyalaya in HCU campus, none have been around for long.

Cyberabad has a small number of posh eateries and restaurants. Hotel Novotel is one among the grand hotels of Hyderabad. However, if you want to have a decent lunch or dinner with Hyderabadi Biryani, you will have to come back to the main part of Hyderabad city again.

Despite the fancy buildings, the area is sparsely populated about 13 kms from city center. A good one hour away. The public transportation is weak and is mostly lacking the city environment. Most city based shops have yet to open branches as the small population is not making the operations viable.

Distance from major landmarks in Hyderabad city*

  • GPO, Abids – 16.2 km
  • Secretariat – 14.5 km
  • Charminar – 17.4 km
  • Tankbund – 14.5 km
  • Salarjung museum – 17.8 km
  • Dilsukhnagar Suburb – 24.1 km
  • Secunderabad Station – 21 km
  • Secunderabad club – 19 km
  • Tarnaka – 22.5 km
  • Uppal Cricket Stadium – 26 km
  • Hyderabad International Airport – 43 km

* Approximate distance on driving through best road

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