Hyderabad is a Free Zone Says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court had recently declared that Hyderabad would be a ‘free zone’, allowing people from other parts of the state to compete for important government jobs including the police department.

In October 2009, the Supreme Court gave ‘free zone’ status to Hyderabad and said it is not part of Telangana as far as recruitments and postings in government jobs are concerned. The Andhra Pradesh government filed a petition seeking a review of its ruling. But a bench of Supreme Court justices dismissed the review petition making it clear that Hyderabad does not prevent others from competing, working and postings under certain government jobs including the police department.

The bench of judges said that the review petitions are dismissed as they have gone thorough the review petitions and record of the civil appeals carefully and are convinced that the earlier judgment does not suffer from any errors. So there is no need to reconsider it again.

This dismissal of the petition filed by the state government would mean that people from all parts of the state would have equal rights in postings and promotions in government jobs in Hyderabad. So far, the people of Telangana had a local area reservation of 70 percent in government jobs in Hyderabad.

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