Sewage Polluting Underground Water Table in Hyderabad Outskirts

There is an urgent need of upgrading old sewerage system with laying of proper underground drainage lines and replacement of old water pipelines in the outskirt areas of the Hyderabad. The extended areas of Greater Hyderabad have a primitive sewage disposal system, septic tanks.

According to the environment and health experts, there will be large-scale pollution of the underground water table if sewerage lines are not laid immediately in the outer areas of the Hyderabad.

With the increasing number of people in the areas around the Hydrebad, this primitive form of sewage disposal systems will not be able to withstand the usage. An official of the Administrative Staff College of India says that citizens in outskirts of the city, mostly in Cyberabad are literally sitting on a septic bomb that may explode anytime.

Septic tanks lead to pollution of ground water and result in severe health problems to the residents. Environmentalists warn that sewage contains nitrogen that can cause serious health problems. People of Cyberabad depend on ground water for drinking purposes, as they generally don’t get water through the pipeline, sometimes not even once a week.

It is said that people from middle class and poorer sections will be affected more to ground water pollution, as many of them cannot afford individual septic tanks at their residences. The sewage from their houses is let out in the open nalas that may also pollute the water bodies in the nearby areas.

However, HMWS&SB, which should carry out this work, said that it doesn’t have the funds to install modern sewerage lines.

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