March 2010 Temperatures in Hyderabad Consistently Hitting 40ºC Mark

Hyderabad as we all know is fairly warm throughout the year and severely hot in summer. Summer starts from the month of March and prevails till the end of May. The temperatures in March are generally low compared to the other months in the season. According to BBC weather, the average maximum temperature in March is 36ºC, 38ºC in April, and 40ºC in May. But for the past few days, the maximum temperature in our city is about four degrees above the average maximum temperature in March.

The meteorological department has not issued any warnings of the heat wave as of now, but the consistent 40ºC mark will surely force them to announce a warning early this year. This is only the second time in this decade when the maximum temperature has reached 40ºC mark in the month of March. Last time the temperature reached the 40-degree mark in March was in 2004. Last year, the maximum temperature recorded in March was 39ºC later it went on to reach 42ºC in April.

The temperature consistently hitting the 40ºC mark early in the season is quite unusual. The current trend in the heat wave is surely an indication of a harsh summer coming up this year.