Harmful JE Virus Or Brain Fever is Back to Trouble City

Japanese encephalitis (JE) also known as brain fever has once again affected city after a break of three years. More than 10 positive cases have been confirmed suffering from JE.

The cases of JE are unexpected during this period (summer) of the year. Many cases will be generally reported during the rainy season. But, this year JE has affected city in mid-summer. The affected areas in twin cities are mainly Karmiknagar, Mangalhat, and Ameerpet.

According to the Hyderabad district medical and health officer, Dr Ch Jaykumari, three children have been admitted in the Niloufer hospital and condition of one of the children is critical. Children whose age is in between three and 15 years are more prone to this disease.

The Veterinary Biological and Research Institute (VBRI) has also supported the existence of the virus in the city. More than 10-12 cases of blood samples are tested positive and they are lergely from the slum areas.

This disease transmits through pigs and symptoms are unexpected fever, paralysis, diarrhoea, vomiting and fits. After infection, the virus attacks the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. People should take precautions and pig rearers must drive pigs five km away from residential areas.