RTC To Utilize Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) For Its Services

The AP Transport Department is planning to utilize Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the RTC services, in order to keep check on increasing pollution levels in city. The RTC of Vijayawada region has prosperously adopted the fuel for its fleet.

Nearly 500 buses present in three depots of the RTC city region will be changed to CNG from diesel in the next two months. The use of CNG guarantees lower emissions and smoother ride, and also gives some relief to the boarders of the buses and also to the other road users. CNG is cheaper than diesel, so helps in adequate savings to the RTC.

The Bhagyanagar Gas Company (BGC) will be delivering CNG from June. The fleet in the Hakimpet, Ranigunj and Kukatpally bus depots will be changed to CNG in the initial phase.

If everything goes in a planned manner, the RTA will change all its 3,000 buses plying in Greater Hyderabad roads to run on CNG fuel in a phased manner. After this, CNG will be available to all the depots in Ranga Reddy which are not covered in the initial phases. A diesel bus is converted to CNG by utilizing specially-designed kits. The conversion is possible only if the vehicle complies to Euro-3 emission norms. Nearly 3,500 buses are using CNG in the cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Agra.

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