Flight Chaos Creating Troubles To Businessmen, Tourists and Students

The European airspace was shut down due to ash clouds erupting from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. So, the flights were canceled. Due to this, flight schedules, meetings and journey of businessmen, tourists and students were delayed in Hyderabad.

Even though airlines have started cranking up services as few of airports in Europe regain services, as per authorities, the six-day accumulation will take weeks to relieve. And many Hyderabadis remain helpless. Others are forced to change schedules and alter plans after the rescheduling of flights.

While airlines hurry to get back on track, many Hyderabadis are remained in Europe, and are unable to fly out. Others Hyderabadis had to extend their visit as airports had shut down.

Corporates are setting up to assist employees by making temporary arrangements to work through interrupted staff schedules. Google spokesperson said that ravel plans of many employees from Hyderabad were altered due to the flight shutdown. There was no clarity on when the canceled flights will fly out. (Source: The Deccan Chronicle)