Found Fake ISI Marked Packaged Water? Then Complain To BIS

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently conducted raid at the places of Sarojini Water Industries, a business of packaged drinking water (PDW), at Vanasthalipuram, with fake BIS standard mark (ISI mark)and without consisting of legal license.

The Sarojini Water Industries was recognized to be producing packaged drinking water without any legitimate testing to guarantee standard and without having a legal license for packaging in half liter, one liter, 1.3 liter and two liter with brand name ‘Aqua Blue’ that were gained during the raids. Action will be taken against them as per the terms under BIS Act, 1986 and a penalty of Rs 50,000 or one year imprisonment or both may be enforced.

They also advised the public not to use such type of deceptive packaging water and if anyone found such type of fake packed water, they are asked to complaint to the BIS officials on phone Nos. 24731082, 24731085, 24731087.