Fourth World Telecom Meeting Will Be Held In Hyderabad

The fourth edition of the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2010 will be held in Hyderabad from May 24th to June 4th.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the Department of Telecom, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and Information Technology and Communications Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Nearly 1200 participants from 191 countries will be taking part in the conference. The conference focus to agree on development preferences in analysis of the high-level recognition of the digital separation generated by fast but unbalanced growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and to develop international cooperation and partnerships which can maintain and strengthen telecommunication infrastructure and organizations in developing countries.

The World Telecom Development conference is held for every four years and the previous meeting was held in Doha in 2006. The state government said that it would provide all essential coordination and cooperation to the Government of India and co-host UN International Union (ITU) in this concern and take all the measures which are essential to run the conference.