Tell Your Neighbours About You Holiday Plan: Census Officials

There is a dilemma about the timing of the Census,because it is the time for summer holidays. The Director of the Census Operations has addressed the people to inform about their holiday plans to their neighbours. Because Census officials will know when they can revisit if family is out of town. Most of the families are going for holidays so Census plan is sent chaotic. And Census officials said that the enumerators had been directed to ensure 100 percent registration.

Enumerators visit houses to get all details of families and houses. So those who wants to go on holiday should inform the neighbours about their return date. In the first phase, those who have missed to meet enumerators, they can give the details about them in the second phase of Census,which begins in February,2011. And Census officials said that they were taking all the precautions to complete the listing of the houses in first phase itself. And it would be conducted in 27,800 villages and 228 towns in the state.

More than 1,63,000 enumerators and 26000 supervisors will be working on Census 2011, that will start on April 26 till June 10.