Hyderabad To Host Global Maths Congress

International Congress of Mathematics (ICM) will be organized in India for the first time starting from August 19 to 27 in Hyderabad. Spokesperson of ICM, Prof. S. G. Dani made this announcement.

ICM congress is being held in India for the first time in 100-years of history. The professor said that the progress which India has made in the sciences and especially in Mathematics helped to win the proposal for ICM against Canada.
This opportunity to host ICM is given to India because of being progressively identified as one of the main developing economic super powers of the 21st century. In 1924, ICM in Toronto had taken a resolution to award two gold medals for outstanding mathematical performance.

Congress is not only held to give awards, but will also include discussions for nearly 20 plenary hours, lectures in various mathematical areas and sectional talks by famous experts explaining recent important developments.