Why use an online Hyderabad city map?

The online maps have changed our perception of looking towards maps. By integrating latest technologies, online maps have provided dynamic features that have made locating anything anywhere much easy. The online maps are proving to be much beneficial than traditional maps.

  • Unlike traditional printed maps, even the most recent changes are updated in online maps. However, traditional maps could be having outdated information. Traditional maps are static maps and it takes a lot of time to update and insert information. Plus, many new roads may be missing. The city has also expanded rapidly, old maps do not cover the outskirts in sufficient detail. The online maps are continuously updated.
  • Allows you to view maps at required level of detail through features like zoom in/out and different views.
  • Online maps are more interactive while printed maps are static and only give detail up to a specific level. Various interactive features make it easy to understand information and easily follow road directions.
  • Online maps are easy to distribute. One can easily email the map of the location which is convenient and saves a lot of time.
  • Online maps allow you to switch views to see the maps in different formats. An online Hyderabad map includes photographs, terrain, satellite view which is not available in traditional map.
  • Identified landmarks make it easy to follow the route in online maps and reach to destination. The online maps also provide route to the destination by computing the shorted route possible.

Google maps is one of the best way to get a Hyderabad map of the location of your interest to the level of detail you would like. This is a benefit that is not offered by any paper map. Plus, you could always print out the map (if you would like!)

Other additional features:

  1. Provides step-by-step directions between two locations. Also provides the distance (Kms/Miles) and approximate time to reach the destination by car or public transport. But in public transport it is guiding only through MMTS services. Other public transports like busses are not mentioned.
  2. Provides some useful information through Wikipedia on some important places like Charminar, Hitech city, Golconda etc. by clicking ‘Wikipedia’ in ‘More’ option.
  3. Provides real estate information like sale/rent of flats in apartments in the Hyderabad city through major real estate websites.
  4. You can view the local photos of some of the important places like Charminar, statue of Buddha, Gandhi hospital etc. by clicking ‘Photos’ in ‘More’ option.
  5. You can also watch some of the videos related to the specific area by clicking on ‘Videos’ in ‘More’ option.
  6. You can also put your business on the Google maps, so that others who are looking for your address can easily find it and know your operational timings and other information. Customers can also find your business in local business results.
  7. You can create personalized maps by marking your favorite places, adding photos, videos and other information you know and share with others.
  8. You can add or give a title or add text in the map. You can make your map public or unlisted.
  9. You can also add Google maps on your website. It helps your customers locate your businesses or to help your friends find your home through your blog.
  10. You can search local businesses, locations, content created by others, related maps and other websites which use maps.
  11. You can also search for any specific location or business, by searching nearby area or landmark.

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