The Melancholy In Hyderabad Makes It No Longer a Hot Destination

Six months ago, Hyderabad was a city on the rise. It has a booming business center and also famous for its warm hospitality which made many people to come to city.

Since December, Hyderabad has seen some undesirable moments. Its icon as a tourist and business destination has taken a severe thrashing after a series of incidents which kept the city of pearls in constant agitations. It started in the form of the Telangana disturbances. After this, violence and curfew in the Old City area continued.

And after few months, Hyderabad is no longer a hot destination. Domestic arrivals have reduced by 20 per cent from December to March. And popular events like Indian Premier League matches have been shifted away from the city.

Tourism officials said that the government has lost nearly 20 crore rupees and for the private sector the loss is five times more, nearly to 100 crore rupees. From December, major cancellations of international and domestic events and conventions are primarily observed and they are shifted out of the city.

February is generally the best month for hoteliers. It is the time for them to usually record 75 per cent occupancy. This year it was reduced to 55 per cent. In March, it wasobserved that more than half the rooms remained unoccupied.

The feeling of Hyderabad blues also had impact on tourist destination ‘Vizag’, where tourist movement in the past four months was reduced by 18 per cent.