Tech Directors Of Companies Should Get Ready For Security Check

A report from research organization ‘Forrester’ revealed that the Indian IT industry continues to experience small security problems like tailgating, data theft and website hacking quiet repeatedly. The report also said that many of these problems were taken up at an early stage.

Current issues like terrorism, incidences of protests and riots at IT hubs like Hyderabad, and corporate frauds like Satyam issue have intensified data security and corporate administration issues. The theft of bank passwords had resulted in a $4-million loss at Wipro which has also incited questions of transparency and performance of top Indian IT companies.

Nearly 73% of IT and BPO companies checked by Forrester said there is an increasing client pressure to increase data privacy resources. About 80% of technology companies consisted of a committed budget for this purpose. According to the report, more than 60% of entire litigants spend nearly 3% of their total IT budget on security.

Only 31% of IT and BPO company litigants have totally integrated their security policy with their complete application software development life cycle, which need more concern.

The report also said that the Indian IT industry must approach problems of data theft and financial fraud by making new college recruits and top executives aware on the issues instead of setting up one more technology tool or gadget.

Tools and gadgets just helps in increasing overall security, and it cannot be achieved if every person involved in the process do not know the sensitivity of the subject and gets appropriates and regular training.