State’s Pollution Level Declares 15 Lakh Vehicles as Unfit to Ply on Roads

Even though 3,000 RTC buses have either finished 15 years or driven 12 lakh kilometres, they are still running on the state’s roads primarily because the RTC does not have the funds to replace them. Sources revealed nearly 15 lakh of the 94.51 lakh vehicles in the state are inappropriate to run as they cause extreme levels of noise and air pollution.

Transport authorities say even though the Motor Vehicle Act does not particularly impose time period for eliminating old vehicles, manufacturers will take up a 15-year life-span norm and this is being approved for eliminating vehicles in the state. Besides 3,000 RTC buses, more than 25,000 autorickshaws and tempos are also inappropriate to ply on roads. But, there are no legitimate supervision to examine pollution levels of the vehicles. According to norms, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates should be obtained for every six months.

In Hyderabad both the traffic and transport departments neglect the application and utilization of the rules under the pretense of deficiency of manpower. Also, the transport department did not have the complete machinery to break down and crush ineffective vehicles.