Government Asks Schools to Remove the Fancy Tags

Government has asked the schools to drop tagging the fancy words like “International” and “Global” to the names of schools. Government feels that many educational institutions are cheating the students by these names so it directed them to simplify the names.

And the state said all the schools to have plain names like high school, lower primary school or elementary school, upper school. According to Right to Education Act, the name of school should exhibit only the class up to which education is offered. Schools education officials said that the schools if they don’t simplify the names they will have to pay fine.

There are number of schools with crazy names like techno schools, concept, e-techno, IIT Olympiad, i-techno,global,international,and e-sastra. In the past,managements tried to tag such words and it got success in attracting more admissions. School managements are offering more fee with same syllabus by changing the name.

Convener, AP Private School Managements Association said that they took strict measures to prevent managements from having short cuts.