Shop Owners Will Be Charged For Parking Rule Violation

To put an end to traffic jams caused due to illegal parking on roads, traffic police have decided to give notices to commercial enterprises which do not have convenient parking arrangements.

To promote better traffic management on city roads, traffic police in alliance with GHMC and other agencies such as HMDA has developed a thorough plan of action. According to the rules, every commercial establishment must allocate 40 per cent of its working space for parking. But this is disregarded by many people.

In reaction to a leading news paper’s report on problem caused due to VIPs on busy roads with their ‘signal clearance’ exercise, a meeting was held with security officers of different VIPs and their pilot officers. They decided to stop the traffic only when a VIP starts from a particular location and, if the jam is for more than a couple of minutes, people will be indicated about the reasons for the obstruction using a megaphone.

To restrict disastrous accidents in the city, the helmet rule would also be implemented gradually in the city. Strict action will be taken against corrupt policemen. If people find any police corrupt, they can either call or SMS on 9010203626. (Source: The Hindu)