March 2010 Was Warmest Since Many Decades

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced March, 2010 as the warmest month in the previous several decades and the Telangana topped the regions which recorded high temperatures.

The monthly temperature study by IMD, reveals that the March-2010 was the warmest, smashing previous records at many locations in the country.

In March of this year, the report showed that the highest and lowest temperatures were recorded above normal for almost entire month. Severe heat wave conditions continued over several places in Andhra Pradesh from the third week of March.

The report demonstrates the probability of April month to be hotter than normal over many parts of the country. Met Department officials of Hyderabad, said that March is usually called the transformation month from winter to summer conditions and commonly both maximum and minimum temperatures will slowly increase in this month. But, this year, the maximum temperature raised greatly from the starting of the third week and the temperatures extended over 41 degree on March 22 in Hyderabad and in other places of the state.