Instructions to use Google maps for viewing Hyderabad City

Steps by Step instructions on using Google to view Hyderabad City Maps:

  1. First go to OR go to and click on the “maps” tab.
  2. Just put in the name of area in Hyderabad you want to look for in search field and click search. For example type in “Ameerpet Hyderabad”
  3. A detailed Hyderabad map will be displaced in right panel window. In left panel, you will see varied information about prominent places and their photos.
  4. Sometimes, other users have created custom maps (called user created maps) that may be helpful too – since they mark and highlight some landmarks or areas.

Using Google maps Toolbars / Controls to get better Hyderabad Map:
There are various options which help you to customize the map to your needs.

  1. Zoom in / Zoom out: A vertical bar on left side of map window allows you to zoom in or zoom out. You can also manually operate the slider to zoom in or zoom out. The “mouse scroll” control will also zoom in and zoom out of the map.

  2. Navigation controls: Navigation controls inside a circle on top left corner helps you to navigate through Hyderabad city maps.
    • Pointers: You can pan to right, left, up, and down by clicking on direction “pointers” on navigation controls.
    • Hand symbol: When you point on the map anywhere except where there are other controls, you will see the “hand” symbol. Left click on any place and you can move left, right, top or bottom this allows you to adjust the areas that are included in the map.
  3. Scale: There is a scale provided on the bottom left side. The distances can be figured out by the scale which is provided in both kilometers and miles. This is very useful for estimating the distances between areas on the Hyderabad map.
  4. Map, Satellite, and Terrain views: There are 3 major views in the maps. The “map” is a conceptual diagram of Hyderabad drawn to a scale. The satellite view is an aerial view of Hyderabad from a satellite from up in the sky. This can be very useful to identify actual landmarks and buildings in Hyderabad. Finally, “terrain” view allows seeing the altitude of the various areas. This is more helpful in non-urban areas rather than in the city areas.
  5. Print: On the top of the map, there is a “print” button that allows you to take the print out of the Hyderabad map. Clicking on the “print” opens the map in a new window with the map maximized on the new screen. This allows you to print the Hyderabad map properly while eliminating some the other side bars that come up in the regular browser window.
  6. Send: Allows you to send this custom map to your email or to someone you know. All you need is their email ID and you can send the exact same Hyderabad maps view to them!

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