Volkswagen Passat Will Now Be Available in Hyderabad

Volkswagen has also penetrated the Hyderabad car market with its superior luxury car ‘Passat’ that comes furnished with a number of facilities like anti-brake locking system and dual air bags. Volkswagen is also planning to launch the VW Passat with more number of facilities like rear and front parking sensors, multi-function steering wheel, etc.

After setting up its new Volkswagen dealership in Mumbai, Volkswagen announced that it will expand the number of VW dealers in India from 25 to 40. Hyderabad is one among the VW dealers expansion cities.

To guarantee customers an excellent pre and post sales experience, VW dealer will be completely trained in handling VW sales, VW service, spare VW parts, and VW business systems. Volkswagen said that the expansion falls in level with their strategy to set up its presence across the entire country. By performing this, they can expand their basement of Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Jetta owners at the same time delivering the Volkswagen Polo to a broad consumer base.

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