Water Board Will Launch A Campaign To Educate People About Importance Of Water

Continuously pursuing customers to make them pay their water bills is a horrible task. So, water Board has planned to appeal to their common sense.

From this month end, the Board will start a massive campaign in several parts of the city to educate people on the importance of water which they take for granted. The government wants people to realize that providing drinking water costs a lot.

This message will be passed to all the customers in fair terms. This will be carried out using posters, hand bills and group meetings. The Board intends to convey to the consumers that though water is a free and good, huge cost is involved to make it drinkable.

HMWSSB will carry out this campaign with slogan “Help us to help you”. The Board will held meetings in various localities and educate people. If the unpaid bill is more, the Board might enable the consumers to pay in easy installments.