Outside Food – Harmful Temptation in the City

We can see lemonade stand or sugarcane juice stall or fruit juice kiosk every where in the city. Though people know that these are not the most hygienic place to have anything, they are being temped to take cool liquids and chilled fruits, because of hot weather ignoring the health.

Many people, who are not aware of harmful effects if this summer drinks outside, believe that these summer drinks are better than cola drinks. Some people even if they know that outside drinks or food is unhygienic, they will prefer that because of low price and taste.

These drink and food vendors are using unfiltered water to prepare juices. Poonam bachhav, microbiologist and chief of the water testing lab at the Institute of Health System, said that they took water from various street food vendors around the city and said that they discovered that that water is unsuitable for drinking. And they tested ice also and said most of the ice was unhealthy. It is recommended not to eat or drink anything which served by street vendors. Having coconut water which is natural is better idea to protect yourself from the heat of the summer.

Source: The New Indian Express