Book a Parking Slot Online or Through Mobile

Parking your four-wheeler has become very easy if one has been to the multi-level GHMC parking facility in Abids recently.

The parking management system deployed on a test basis by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) at the facility has made the parking easy for the motorists. This system denotes the vacant parking bays available in a direction by bright red digits.

Ultrasonic sensors are installed at every parking bay on levels one and two of the facility that are used to monitor the parking of vehicles. These sensors transmit continuous signals from the roof and as soon as a vehicle is parked, the signal is reflected in a shorter period of time. This shows that a vehicle has been parked in that particular bay.

The sensor then alerts a zigbee transmitter that sends data to a management station. This management station contains complete database of the parking lot. This data is then processed and displayed accordingly on the display boards.

Even the database is updated real-time in C-DAC’s servers by using an internet data card. This allows any registered user to monitor the parking lot from a remote location through the parking monitoring graphical user interface designed by the C-DAC team.

People can also book a parking slot online or through a mobile application.

(Source: The Hindu)