City Low in Cleanliness: NUSP

Do you Hyderabad is one of the clean cities in India? Think again! A recent survey conducted by the National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) gave Hyderabad a low rank, 88. It indicated that Hyderabad is worse than Kukatpally municipality which got 77th rank among 423 Indian cities.

Hyderabad along with other bigger cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru which have better urban infrastructure are said to be low on cleanliness and sanitation compared to smaller cities like Chandigarh, Mysore, Mangalore, Jamshedpur and Surat.

The cities were assessed on the criteria including free from open defecation, universal access to toilets, public health and environmental well-being, treatment of waste, elimination of manual scavenging, adequate provision of personnel protection equipment that addresses safety of sanitation workers, safe collection, treatment and disposal of all waste water, storm water and recycle/reuse of treated waste water with the ultimate objective of ensuring improved public health outcomes and environmental well-being etc.

Source: Express buzz