Video Surveillance Enhanced in City to Prevent Crime

The city hosts hundreds of close observation cameras, real time video analysis software, off the air voice recording gadgets, cell tower monitoring,fingerprint scanner, a nationwide database to watch every one to protect the people from terrorist activities.

As of now police have installed 132 surveillance cameras in the city and soon they will add 76 more. In addition to these they will set up the Speed Violation Enforcement system and Traffic Red light, comprising a video camera and a still camera and a flash at 10 junctions in the city to seize traffic violators with photographic proof.

The 76 new cameras are to be installed at strategic locations in the city will grab images of trouble-makers, and to identify law and order problems.

As per deputy commissioner of police of South Zone, 103 locations in communally sensitive South Zone area had been recognized, covering 13 police stations, and the plan is to fix close observation cameras at these spots.