Blind Eye towards eWaste Management in Hyderabad

E-waste is being piled up in the backyard of  Hyderabad. The daily generation of e-wastage is about 25 ton and an estimated wastage of about 10,000 ton was created in last financial year in AP, of which Hyderabad’s wastage was about 6000 ton.

Interestingly only 10% of it is collected, dismantled and then recycled by the authorized e-waste units of the state. Unauthorized units pay more for the e-wastage. So, they are transported to places like Mumbai and even New Delhi.

However the state government has no mechanism to deal with e-wastage. Mr. Krishna, the environmental engineer of GHMC said that there is no need of e-wastage management as of now.

The state government has to wake up to prevent the e-waste hazards.

Source: Express Buzz