Hyderabad’s Heritage On Path Of Ruin

Hyderabad Heritage is being neglected. According to the data given by the civil society groups of about 60 historic buildings have been waiting for the notification for more than five years from the heritage conservation committee. Even the repairing works of the several listed buildings have to be done, in spite of repeated requests made to various government bodies by heritage conservationists over the past years. Activists fear that negligence might further decrease the heritage value.

As per the rule book the heritage structure will become a protected monument, once it is notified. This means that the monument should be repaired either by the owner or the government body which is responsible for its look up.

The chest hospital building in Erragadda and the many decades-old state assembly, Pardah gate of king Koti palace –which was Nizam’s personal residence, all these are the structures which are under consideration for notification.

Mr. Veda Kumar of Forum for a Better Hyderabad said that board members have discussed about the issue in several meetings and they completed inspection in some places and no strong decision has been taken till now. He added that when 137 monuments were notified in 1998 it was a smooth process, but the committee has not been caring and time of the work is long. Heritage lovers like Veda Kumar is afraid that if immediate action is not taken to protect the monuments, the city will loose its heritage in a very less time.

The members of the conservation committee argue that the body at present is working on the pending notifications. The members of the group said that the committee has been out of action for about a year and it is constituted again and the committee will look into the matter soon. They added that committee advises the government and it has limited powers and it’s not correct to expect much and it does have any right to implement it.

According to Rao the committee receives little support from Municipal Corporation which affects the functioning. Rao said that we do not get much funds and we do not get help from the other departments and it very difficult for the body to function.

Heritage lovers even say that solution should not be notifying the monuments itself. The concerned bodies are not showing any interest unfortunately. The awaiting restorations among several listed monuments are Nampally Sarai(opposite of Nampally railway station),the old Jail khana in Monda Market, and The Moazzam Jahi market.

Source: TOI