Master Plan To Widen The Internal Roads

The master plan which had been proposed earlier by the MCH area is at the final stages of preparation for widening the internal roads.

The HMDA wants to complete it and submit it to the state government as an agreement made earlier for completing it on June 1st, but there are many objections which are raised by the public for widening the roads. So, completing the work by June 1st may not be easy because of the objections.

Officials of HMDA said that there are 2000 objections against the plan, out of which 1500 are being read.

The process will be completed in another two weeks by preparing a final draft by the experts who will restudy it and then it will be forwarded to the state government for ensuring that there are no issues said the officials. Even they said that many of the complaints are against widening the roads. Even in the earlier master plans also they didn’t mention on the widening of the roads.

The representations are strongly opposing the proposals of widening the roads to about 40 and 60 feet wherever the roads are 20 to 40 feet .They say that the present existing roads are sufficient and if they widen it more than that, it will affect their properties on the roads.

However the officials are not interested to drop from the plan and they want to consider even the objections. There will be no exception even in the case of main connecting roads.

The master plan should be considered for at least five years and the state government should not correct it or make changes during this period. If the road is not widened for about 5 years then because of the growing traffic the roads become congested and the people face a lot of problems.

Source: Express Buzz

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