Nala Turns Into a Garbage Dump Affecting Residents

Cleanliness and civic sense are like two sides of a coin. If one is missing then the presence of the other is not at all useful. Just this is the case with the Nullah that passes between Jubilee bus station and the LIC colony at West Marredpally.

From the past eight months, the Nullah has turned into a huge garbage dump which is obstructing the free flow of sewage and in turn it causes much fear to the residents of the colony. In the monsoon last year, the wall of the Nullah broke down while clearing the fallen tree by Secunderabad Cantonment board (SCB).

Whenever it rains the residents are suffering with very bad smell. The dirty water overflows from the drain and floods into the street which is causing great inconvenience even to walk on the road. Since then no one has come to build the wall in spite of taking the complaints from the SCB authorities.

With the absence of the wall, garbage dumps from the neighboring places gets piled up and it blocks the flow of sewerage. The garbage is also attracting street dogs and the pigs of that area.

Because of no compound wall the problem has become more hectic. The Nullah is being turned into breeding place for mosquitoes.

The colony residents are suffering with bad smell in the morning and with mosquitoes at night and as the monsoon are just a one month ahead the colony residents are even worried about the Nullah as it becomes worse than the earlier.

Source: The Hindu