New Look for Popular City Car – Wagon R

Wagon R, one of the most favorite urban family cars, is now a bit longer, taller and more spacious. It has more round shape look compared to its predecessor’s boxy look. The new Wagon R, nick named ‘Blue Eyed Boy’ is launched by India’s number one automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki.

It has a low turning radius of 15.1 feet which helps it glide through the peak traffic and makes it easy to park in tight parking slots. Its manufacturer states that a 998 cc K-series engine powers the car and delivers a high fuel efficiency of 18.9 kmpl.

The new version is slightly expensive than the older one. Earlier it was priced between Rs.3.23 lakh and Rs.3.7 lakh. The new version of WagonR is priced between Rs.3.28 lakh and Rs.3.81 lakh. The new WagonR is said to be available in three variants Lx, Lxi and Vxi and seven colours.

We like Wagon R since it is probably the most popular city car. It is practical and easy to manoeuvre in the town. Many people particularly in urban areas buy this car by choice. Sometimes, people do not upgrade to bigger cars even if they can, for the practicality of using in city conditions.

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