Nigerian Fraud Busted

Cyber crime detectives asserted to have solved a case of ‘Nigerian fraud’ with the arrest of one person in Maharashtra for cheating a resident of Hyderabad.

Alok Raj Saxena, who is a resident of Hussaini Alam in the Old City of Hyderabad, was cheated to the amount of Rs.10.7 lakh by Internet fraudsters on the oretext of providing a job in the Emirates Airlines in Britain.

Rahul Koshti was captured in Badlapur in Thane district of Maharashtra and send to judicial custody. Three others, comprising of two residents of Mumbai and a Nigerian, were escaped.

‘Nigerian fraud’ is associated with the online fraud where Internet fraudsters attract people using promises of jobs and pretensions of winning lotteries. Crime Investigation Department (CID) officials said the amount which the accuser sent was tracked to three ICICI bank accounts located in Mumbai.

One of the accounts was in the name of Dyaneswar Bhimrao Thupe. He was attracted with a promise of employment by Rahus Koshti, who had acquired 25 cheques and an ICICI ATM card from Thupe and made transactions on his benefit. Two other alleged, Sanjeev Bose and Om Chand Choudhary, had connections with Nigerian fraudsters, and they made use of Thupe’s current account to collect the money. (Source: Sify news)