Get Used For No Parking Signs in Crowded Places in Hyderabad

‘No parking, please!’ are going to be placed at crowded areas such as Jagdish Market and the Big Bazar at Abids soon. This is because these parking spaces have been recognized by the police to be among the several soft targets in Hyderabad for terrorist attacks.

The city police already taking action and barricading all the approach roads which are leading to the crowded Jagdish Market, possibly the massive mobile phone market in the State, not even a single vehicle is visible there now and the rush market has converted into a regulated zone.
Motorists who will enter the market from Abids main road will face barricades. Police said that an alternative adjustment has been made for parking vehicles inside the adjacent St George’s Grammar School.

But this arrangement may not be convenient for motorists who are coming to market from Chirag Ali lane. They are parking their vehicles on the road obstructing free flow of traffic. At the Abids Big Bazar, the customers arriving to the mall were requested to make their own parking arrangements. Many barricades and private security guards were placed to guarantee that customers will not take their vehicles inside the buildings. The Chenoy Trade Centre (CTC), Paradise restaurant and other places in Secunderabad have also been recommended to follow same procedures.

Police had taken this decision to remove parking lots for security reasons. So, let us cooperate with them and follow the instructions given by them. We need to get used to this in order to avoid possibility of any disaster. (Source: Indian Express)