eCertificates to Reduce Fraudulent Job Candidate Profiles

As a part of upgrading the higher education, the HRD Minister Mr.Kapil Sibal said that they are planning to create an electronic format which can authenticate or reissue the certificates. The ministry is planning to pass a bill for the creation of the depository which enables to store the certificates electronically. This in turn reduces the job seekers from carrying the documents all the time when he/she attends the interview.

The National Database helps the recruiters a lot. There is no issue of fake certificate at the time of interview. This helps the recruiter to find out the potential job seeker. The certificates can be verified easily whenever they attend an interview.

According to the plan schools, colleges, universities an even the certificate issuing authorities can be directly linked to the depository. Mr.Sibal added that any student who loses his certificate will be reissued with an authentic certificate. Even he can cross check the authenticity of the certificate using the depository. The depository which is used will be a secured one.

The depository could be placed from 2011 and it is headed by IIT Kanpur Director Mr.Sanjay Dhande. Mr. Dhande has been entrusted to prepare an abstract for implementing it.

According to the plan even the passed outs who have been passed before 2011 can also update his information in the depository. All the institutes like schools, colleges, universities and even IIT’s are being linked with the depository.

Hence, this depository is indirectly reducing the work of the recruiters by creating an online database to verify the certificates easily.

Source: Times of India