Postal Staff Avoids Their Burden by Burning Letters

The two contract postal workers who were burning the undelivered posts that were piled up were caught.

The two workers Veera Chary and Naresh Kumar were caught for burning the undelivered letters at a quiet place of Meerpet. They are being appointed on the contract basis for delivering letters by the Vishali Nagar sub post office just before two months.

Instead of delivering them they kept them at home and avoided themselves from working in summer. They delivered the letters which need an acknowledgement of receiver and piled up rest of them and decided to dispose them for avoiding the trouble from the office said the police.

With the help of another friend Rajesh they took the letters in two gunny bags and moved to a quiet place at Prashanthi Hills in Teacher’s colony and were burning the two bags. Then the locals who observed them suspected and informed to the police. When the cops reached the place most of the letters were burnt out and they could save only a few of them by the time they reached the place and arrested the three youngsters.

Source: Express Buzz